Heroes aren't born. They volunteer!
Join us to help others!
Many Ways to Help!

Carpenters •  Doctors •  Electricians •  Nurses •  Plumbers •  ANYONE!

JOIN US! We'll offer opportunities and any time you're available,
just say "yes" and be a hero!

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Our mission is to augment existing community health operations during large-scale emergencies, aid in response to pressing health care needs, and improve community emergency preparedness.

We can't do that without YOU!

Helping with the COVID-19 response is a perfect example of what we're all about.

There is no minimum commitment. What we ask: that you will try to come help if called in an emergency. We provide all necessary training FREE.

Our members come from all walks of life, not just the medical and health professions.

We are not a military organization (though our name might sound like one). We are a top-to-bottom volunteer organization. We have no ranks per se and are happy for any member to step up and help run MRC GEM - just ask how you can help!

Our goals for our members are:

1. Learn and practice how to be safe and secure in times of disaster.
2. Learn to extend that safety and security to your loved ones.
3. Learn and practice how to be safe when helping others.
4. Learn and practice how to effectively help others.

If you achieve only the first of these goals, you are well on your way to becoming an empowered citizen instead of a victim who needs to be rescued.

By learning to take care of yourself, you're one less person the first responders need to worry about.

If you can also help others, you are that special shining light guiding those others through trying times to safety and security. The MRC Response Activities diagram illustrates some of the many ways our members help out in a disaster.